Belgium's Best: you can taste the difference

Belgasconne pigs are surrounded with the best care at the farm and they get plenty of time to grow naturally. This allows us to guarantee delicious meat with a uniquely fine taste! You can tell Belgasconne meat by its finely marbled structure and typically oily rind. Our advice would be to leave the rind when preparing the pork to get the most of that very specific flavour. Our pig feed, specially formulated to our very own recipe, stimulates the Belgasconne pig’s slow and natural growth process, guaranteeing tender and juicy meat. Everyone should take the test. Discover for yourself why Belgasconne, the pig with the southern roots, can rightly call itself Belgium's Best. Feel free to contact Tania or Lieven and taste the difference !

CRU visits Belgasconne

The butchers of CRU paid St.Amandshof and the Belgasconne pig a visit. They also brought a photographer. Those beautiful pictures are the result !